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Thinky Things

Based around a system of daily Bible readings that will see you read the entire Bible in twelve months, "Thinky Things" is a collection of short meditations that will both delight and challenge the reader. Whether you dip into them at random or follow them each day, you'll find them uplifting, encouraging, simple, profound, personal, provocative - they may even inspire you to explore God's word for yourself.
What began as one man's personal Bible studies has grown through sharing with friends, family and church members into the collection you have in your hands.

Copyright © Robert Prins 2004

$20 (NZD) each

Thinky Things 2

This second collection of "Thinky Things" will continue to stimulate, encourage and provoke everyone from the casual Bible reader, through to the more serious Bible student.
Designed around a system of daily Bible readings, you'll read the entire Bible in twelve months alongside Robert's deceptively simple - yet personally challenging lessons from God's word.

Copyright © Robert Prins 2011

$20 (NZD) each

Thinky Things Proverbs

Proverbs is a remarkable book filled with wisdom and insight for everyday living. Robert's Thinky Things help to draw out some of that wisdom, putting it in a 21st century context. The thoughts contained in this book give us practical encouragement to apply the wisdom of Proverbs to our own lives and relationships

Copyright © Robert Prins 2007

That We May Be One

This book is for married couples and is about awesome marriages. Your marriage can become even more amazing than what it already is. God wants it to be the best.
Our marriages become awesome when we look at God's plan for marriage, the examples He has shown us, the advice He gives us, and then put them into practice.

Copyright © Robert Prins 2012

$20 (NZD) each

Resisting the Devil

If you find that the battles with temptation and sin are a long, hard slog, then this is just the book for you. It has been written to help you kick your addiction to sin and to be victorious over temptation.

Learn how to avoid temptation, how to build up resistance to its appeal, what to do when you find yourself face to face with it, how to make the most of any circumstance, and what to do if you fall.

Resisting the Devil is a refreshing, honest and biblical guide to overcoming temptation in the real world.

Copyright © Robert Prins 2018

$20 (NZD) each

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