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Marriage Moments

Thinky Things
Marriage Moments

John 21

Three questions, three answers, and three replies. '"Simon son of John, do you truly love me more than these?" "Yes, Lord," he said, "you know that I love you." Jesus said, "Feed my Lambs."' (John 21 v 15) Each of the three times this dialogue was repeated, the phrasing was a little different but the essence of it was very similar.
Jesus: "Do you love me?"
Peter: "Yes I do."
Jesus: "Feed my Lambs, Care for my sheep, Feed my sheep"
Can we ask ourselves the questions Jesus asked Peter? Do we love Jesus more than these? (More than our livelihood, the activities or the people in our lives?) Do we truly love him? Do we love him like a brother? I hope that our answers, like Peter's, are all positive answers: "Yes, you know I love you." If this is the case and we do love him, then it follows that we must also take note of his instruction and put it into practice in our lives as Peter did in his. We must care for and feed the flock of Jesus.
Jesus' flock is made up of his people – those who follow him. We can care for them by meeting their needs, helping, giving, praying, serving and loving. And we can feed them by our encouragement, discussion and by opening the word of God together. So let us, if we love the Lord, make sure we care for and feed his flock.

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Travel Time

Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?
Luke 24 v 32

For busy couples, planning time together can sometimes seem almost impossible. For men who don't like the confrontation of a face to face deep-and-meaningful discussion, this could help solve your problem. In both of these situations, travel time could be part of the answer.

There are often times we need to travel together. Whether we get in a car, bus, train, plane, or whether we walk, time traveling is a time that we usually don't have anything else to do. Instead we sit there together for as long as it takes.

If you are in a car with your husband or wife, start by turning off the radio to give yourselves some undistracted time to talk together, to reconnect and to communicate. The beauty (particularly for men) about traveling together is that it can be less confronting side by side instead of face to face. You are legitimately allowed to stare out of the window instead of having to look each other in the eye!

One of the best travel time we had together was a three hour flight from Auckland to Sydney where we sat beside each other and planned a presentation we were to give. I just wished that the flight had been three hours longer!

So much of our travel time is wasted listening to the radio in the car, messaging other people, watching movies in an airplane, or in silence on public transport. But as a couple we can do better than that and make the most of our time together to connect, whether it is only a few minutes or a few hours. Use that time to connect in a fun, non-threatening and meaningful way. Plan a project together; reminisce about your courtship, wedding day or honeymoon; discuss a Bible reading; plan ways to inspire your children or grandchildren; dream together about your next holiday; or just say "I love you. Let me count the ways ..."

Make your travel times become some of those moments to cherish and connect. Enjoy the journey together.

Action Points

1. Make the most of travel time together.
2. Turn off the radio, cellphone and any other distractions.
3. Make it fun, non threatening and meaningful.
4. Plan things to discuss.