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Thinky Things
Marriage Moments

Luke 13

It is interesting to see that when Jesus was asked, "Lord, are only a few people going to be saved?", Jesus reply was one that did not directly answer the question. Instead of continuing with the train of thought that came from the questioner as they wondered how many people would be saved, Jesus changed the focus from thoughts about others to thoughts about ourselves. If we have ever asked the same question, we still do not know whether one in two, ten or one hundred will be saved, but what we do know is that we have a personal responsibility to make every effort to enter in through the narrow door.
At the time of the kingdom we will be able to rejoice with Jesus over those who are there and saved with us. But for now, rather than looking around us and counting the people who will or won't be saved, we should put all our energies into making sure that we are one of the ones who will be saved. We have our own life to live, our own story to write. No–one else's destiny should be any of our business (apart from encouraging them to choose life). It would be a shame if we spent so much of our energy determining the fate of others that we missed out ourselves.
So let's take to heart the instruction of Jesus and "make every effort to enter in through the narrow door, because many, I tell you, will try to enter and will not be able."

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Courtesy Reminder

My lover spoke and said to me,
"Arise, my darling, my beautiful one, and come with me."
Song of Songs 2 v 10.

A while ago, Robert and I attended A Weekend To Remember - a marriage enrichment weekend for couples. During one of the sessions, the presenter reminded us of the story of the professor who wanted to teach his class about priorities and time management. He had an empty jar on his desk, which he first filled with rocks. He asked the class, "Is the jar full?" They replied, "Yes." He then took out from under his desk some small pebbles and tipped them into the jar so that they filtered in and around the rocks. Yes, the jar was certainly full now. But then, while they watched he poured sand into the jar, shaking it down until there were no gaps left. Now the jar was truly full.

The professor concluded the lesson showing that we need to put the most important things into our lives first - make them a priority. After that, all the other things will sift in around the priorities to fill in the gaps. "The mistake we often make," he continued, "is to allow the 'small items' to take priority, leaving no room for the important things in our lives."

How important are our marriages? What sort of priority should we give to nurturing them in our lives? Do we see our marriage as a 'rock' to go into our jar first? Or a pebble? Or has it become sand - a particle that sifts in around the other objects?

We all know that for something to thrive and do well, it needs care and maintenance.

Most of us recognise that to get the optimum from our cars, we need to service them regularly, so that they can run efficiently - and hopefully have a longer life. Our local garage sends us out a courtesy letter each time our car is due for it's service.

It is coming up to one year since we started writing Marriage Moments. We began with Tune Ups. It's time for that again. This is your Courtesy Letter for your Marriage Tune Up. Let's make our marriages a priority.

Action Points

- Book yourself in for a marriage enrichment course or weekend.
- Book a weekend away - just for the two of you.
- Ask each other the following questions:
- Have we got our priorities right for time management in our lives?
- What are our priorities?
- How can we address any imbalances?
- Do you feel nurtured and loved in our relationship?
- What can I do to care for you more?