Could you give a summary of the gospel message in thirty seconds? Some people call it the Elevator Gospel – just enough time to share the gospel between the doors closing and opening again for you and the person you are with to get out. I have found having a way to present the gospel in a brief but concise way to be very useful.

Peter’s message to Cornelius is one we could model our thirty second gospel from. Here is my summary in a few bullet points from Acts 10 verses 34 – 43:

  • God is interested in you, no matter who you are – especially when you are seeking him. (v 34 – 35).
  • Jesus Christ is Lord of all and he can make your life even better by giving you real and lasting peace. (v 36).
  • Jesus was a great and sinless man doing powerful things for God, but he was put to death on a cross. (v 37 – 39).
  • God raised Jesus from the dead. Real live people saw him. They ate and drank with him. (v 40 – 42).
  • Jesus is the one who is going to judge the living and the dead. You need to know that. (v 42).
  • Everyone who believes in him receives forgiveness of sins in his name. (v 43).
  • So be baptized and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord to receive the blessing of God.