1 Kings 6

The Bible describes a lot of detail about the temple that Solomon built for the LORD. It was a magnificent structure. No expense was spared. Only the very best in materials and skilled labourers were used to construct it. Then at the end of the detailed description of its building, we read this small comment: “He was seven years in building it.” (1 Kings 6 v 38 ESV).

Coming into the New Testament, Solomon’s temple had been destroyed and another temple had been built in its place. This one had taken forty-six years to build (John 2 v 20). We are also told that our bodies are the temple of the Living God (1 Corinthians 6 v 19), and that we are being built up together as living stones in a spiritual house (1 Peter 2 v 5).

We tend to get impatient with ourselves when it comes to overcoming sin or perfecting our characters. But great things take time. Temples are not built in a day, and stubborn characters like ours can take a lot of time to adjust and become truly beautiful in the sight of God. So let’s not give up. Whether it is seven, forty-six years, or a lifetime, let’s let God’s work in us take shape to deliver a masterpiece in the day of our unveiling.

May God’s work be evident in our lives this week.

With love in our Lord,