1 Timothy 4

When I was baptised, I wanted to be perfect. One of my role models was Timothy, because, like me, he was also a godly young man who was busy teaching and encouraging others, pointing them toward Jesus.

When I discovered that I still fell into the trap of sin more than a perfect person should, I was quite discouraged. But I had missed one of the instructions that Paul gave Timothy. Paul told Timothy to teach what is right, to be an example, to publicly read the Bible and to use his gifts. Then he added this: “Practice these things and immerse yourself in them, so that all may see your progress.” (1 Timothy 4 v 15 ESV).

Here is the point: We are not perfect – we are growing towards perfection. When we allow others to see our progress (as opposed to our perfection), we may well be the encouragement and motivation they need in their lives. Our progress can spur others on to living better lives for Christ themselves.

So let’s aim for perfection and make sure we progress toward that aim.

May we ever be growing toward God this week.

With love in our Lord,