Welcome back to Family Matters! Thanks for your patience over the last few months while we took a break from producing Family Matters. With God’s blessing we will be in a better place to continue with Family Matters into the foreseeable future.

In our first Family Matters for 2023, this coming Monday 24th April at 7:30pm NZ time, God willing, Ron and Catherine will be interviewing Garry and Helen Hindmarsh about Refugees.

Garry and Helen have been involved with a project helping to facilitate pathways for Christadelphian refugees to find a safe home in Australia. Working with an organisation that combines the need for skilled migrant workers and refugees seeking asylum the CRAC (Christadelphian refugee assistance council) have been able to help match Christadelphian Employers with skilled Christadelphian refugees.

Whilst a NZ program of this nature does not exist, the success of the program in Australia may pave the way for the NZ Govt to consider something similar here. As the world changes there are more and more Christadelphians being displaced through war and persecution, and Our Loving Father has been opening doors in the UK and now Australia to show the true spirit of Christ’s love in helping provide sanctuary to the oppressed.

Garry and Helen will share real stories of real people and provide guidance on how we in NZ (or anyone around the world) may help practically and financially.

Note: Due to the sensitivity and security of our Christadelphian refugees, there will be no recordings, so you are encouraged to join in this live event. There will be time for questions afterward.

See you on Monday 24th April at 7:30pm NZ time at

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God willing, these are the dates for Family Matters we have planned for 2023. They are all Mondays and 4 weeks apart. Add them to your diary so you don’t miss any!

April 24 – Refugees with Gary and Helen Hindmarsh (hosted by Ron and Catherine Houben)
May 22 – To be confirmed
June 19 – Healthy Family Eating with James and Jeanette Stephenson
July 17
August 14 – Mental Health and Faith in God with Will and Renee Patino
September 11
October 9
November 6
December 4
*Topics and people are subject to change due to circumstances.

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