2 Kings 4

How can I set this before a hundred men?” Elisha was asked. (2 Kings 4 v 43 ESV). The contribution was not exactly a feast. Twenty loaves of bread and some fresh ears of grain weren’t going to feed many people. Let’s put this in the context of what you might by at the supermarket: Four packets of Pita Bread, and a couple of boxes of Cornflakes. Not a lot really.

Whatever our willing contribution, God can take it and expand it to fit the need. In this case, there were one hundred hungry men and, after the miracle, they all had enough to eat. They even had some left over.

Let’s never think our contribution is too small. Perhaps we give in the food we contribute, the money we donate, the time we give, the words we say, the prayers we offer, the produce we grow, the conversations we have or the skills we share. Whatever it is that we offer will not go unnoticed by God. And we need to remember that if this food had never been offered, one hundred men would still be hungry. God can do miracles, but we need to make our offerings first.