2 Kings 5
One of the greatest qualities on Namaan that we can all learn from is the fact that he returned to Elisha after his healing to say thank you.

If your prayers are anything like mine, they tend to be dominated by requests … please help … please give me … please lead … please grow …  please be with … and on it goes. But even when I am feeling thankful, my thankfulness still does not outweigh my requests.

Namaan, a Gentile, an enemy of Israel, and a man who at first probably didn’t even believe in Israel’s God, came back to say thank you. How much more should we, who know God, who have been saved through the blood of his Son,who have had multiple prayers answered and seen multiple blessings in our lives, how much more should we turn back and give thanks to God? After all, without God in our lives, like Namaan with leprosy, we are as good as dead.

So instead of continuous prayers of “please,” let’s dedicate ourselves to some thankfulness.

May our lives overflow with thankfulness this week.

With love in our Lord,